I started yoga a few years ago thanks to a friend who practiced yoga as part of his overall fitness activity (focusing primarily on CrossFit). Given my natural restlessness and lack of physical flexibility, yoga seemed an interesting skill. I decided to embark on a “fast-track” by taking 10 hours of private coaching with my friend’s teacher. I quickly arrived to the conclusion that this practice was probably much more demanding than any of the physical practices I was already involved in (boxing, cycling, running…) but also that it would require much more than 10 hours to get to understand the basics. Hundreds of hours and few year later, I am still on the journey.

This post is about thoughts, readings or references that help(ed) me in my practice. Please feel free to share any reference in the comments.

Main practice: Iyengar and Hatha

Occasional practice: Vinyasa

Where to start?

If you can afford it, I strongly recommend you start your yoga journey with some small group coaching, ideally 1-1. This will help you to get the basics right and profit solid ground for your future practice.

Which type of yoga shall I start with?

My opinion is to start with a non-dynamic practice so you can focus on learning the poses (called asanas). This means I would favour Hatha to Vinyasa, until you feel comfortable with the basic sequences.

Can I practice on my own?

Indeed you can practice on your own anytime, anywhere, as soon as you feel comfortable with basic sequences such as sun salutation. You may want to get yourself some good yoga mats and props, see some suggestions here.

What Yoga brings to me?

Yoga helps me to bring stillness to my days. It enables me to pause the flow of thoughts and focus on present.

Yoga helps me to connect with my breath.

Yoga helps me to lengthen my body, increasing flexibility and comfort in movements.

Guidance from teachers that I pounder

  • Broaden the back of your knees
  • Relax your eyes
  • Go beyond your mind (your body is capable of more than what your mind can believe, don’t let this refrain you)
  • Spread your palm, all the palm shall be touching the floor

Notes – mat wisdom

In warrior 2, push the inside of the front foot and the outside of the back foot. That will help to maintain the full contact of the sole and increase grounding.

No meal in the four hours preceding the practice. No fruits or small bites in the two hours preceding the practice.

Scheduling appointment right after the yoga practice disrupt the practice itself as the brain is disturbed by the next appointment. Better a shorter practice to allow transition time between practice and next activity.


B. K. S. Iyengar, Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health, 2001

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