HEALTH – sous-vide cooking for all!

Anova story to come soon!

What is sous-vide cooking?

Sous-vide is a method of cooking traditionally used by professional chefs to achieve optimal cooking precision. It enable to cook and maintain any product at a very specific temperature. For instance, it enables you to cook this steak perfectly pink hedge to hedge, yet retaining most of the juices inside.

Sous-vide is also an healthy way of cooking your food as you won’t need to use additional fat (or very little, simply as a finishing or seasoning touch). As you may have read in previous post, I dedicate of lot of interest to nutrition hence this newly accessible healthy cooking is indeed appealing to me. It shall be even more attractive to those looking to increase their protein intake but who need to remain very strict with the amount of fat intake.

Historically this method of cooking was reserved to professional kitchens as requiring very expensive machine. That was before Anova introduced the following device. This is an unpaid review by an very happy customer.

Let’s what this introduction video:

I have now used Anova for several meat and fish products. I am impressed by the quality and easy to come out with a perfectly cooked dish. It also helps me to reduce the attention time I need to spend in the kitchen while I have people at home.

You can buy the precision cooker from Amazon with a discount current here.

Regarding beef

I’ll recommend using learner meat that you may usually have given the sous vide cooking won’t dry the beef as much as a pan cooking.

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